Security Startups Are Using Everything From Blockchain To AI to Protect Networks

Sep 10, 2018 · 3 min read
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It’s no surprise that the cyber security market is now worth nearly $100 billion. As IT departments, entire organizations, and everyday citizens continue to experience relentless security threats and cyber attacks, the industry is booming with companies developing leading-edge solutions for the private and public sectors alike.

Over these past several years, countless startups have emerged that are using technologies like blockchain, IoT security, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to tackle the growing threats the nation is dealing with.

Here are just a few of the young, US-based security startups that are making waves and getting noticed.


This California-based company is securing the new industrial revolution. They are the world’s first blockchain-protected security platform for Industrial IoT. Founded in 2016, and formally launched in 2017, the company is said to provide a tamper-proof and blockchain-protected security fabric for both authentication and communication.


This health tech startup accurately detects health data breaches. They can audit at scale, protect patient privacy, and detect clinical drug diversion. The company was founded in Maryland in 2014, and uses AI to protect electronic health records.


Founded in California in 2016, Respond provides machine learning analytics that will tell you whether or not an incident needs to be escalated. In the event of an escalation, the solution provides detailed decision results so it can learn from every single case. This gives back the analysts their time so they can focus on real, urgent security issues. It’s like adding a virtual security analyst to your team.


This California-based company that was founded in 2014 provides bot detection and protection with unparalleled accuracy. Their software focuses on the behavior of humans, applications, and networks in order to detect real-time bot attacks. Whether it’s account abuse, scraping, or marketing fraud, they say their software will catch it. Plus, it can deployed in just minutes.


This company was founded in 2014 and is based in Texas. Their platform automates the search for threats and offers a powerful solution that catches what prevention technologies often miss. It’s a simple solution that doesn’t require equipment or endpoint software to work. Earlier this year, they were awarded the Silver Cybersecurity Product Award for the best threat hunting solution.


This NYC-based startup was founded in 2014. Their technology was designed to ensure safe, secure, and reliable operations in large and complex industrial networks. They deliver meaningful insights without requiring endpoint software or having an impact on the OT network. Their platform gives your IT department full visibility, continuous threat detection, ongoing risk assessments, and secure remote access.


Although this California-based startup was founded in 2015, they didn’t make a public launch until 2017. Their security platform gives organizations a holistic view into all activity and threats on all devices and networks. This gives users power to control any compromised or unmanaged devices or affected networks. The company was able to show that most companies were totally unaware of at least 40% of the devices on their network, building a solid case for the importance of their software.

That is the story of just 7 incredible security startups that are based here at home. Can you think of some great ones that should be on this list?

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