Android Huge Mode: How to fix

This morning had a really annoying issue with my Android phone where I rebooted and suddenly everything in every app was enormous, to the point of being impossible to use and causing apps to crash. I wish I’d captured a screenshot of it because it was bizarre — even with my text size set to “Tiny” the text was huge 1 inch letters, and the Home screen was so enormous it extended beyond the edge of the screen, with the icons overlapping each other. At least a couple apps (Weather app and Settings app) were continually crashing due to this issue. It was kind of like the view was zoomed in, but not really — in most apps, nothing extended beyond the edge of the screen.

Eventually I figured out that somehow the “Minimum width” setting in my Developer Options settings had gotten set to some tiny value that caused this — the default is 360 and restoring this value put it back to normal. This is very strange, since the Developer options UI does not normally even permit me to set it a value smaller than about 320, so I can’t imagine how it happened. If you’re not familiar with Developer Options, see this guide to enable them.