Getting Paid

This week’s lecture was mostly about how we as creatives go about funding projects and getting paid for the work we do. How I personally am going to go about getting paid once in the industry well I honestly do not know, I don’t have grand aspirations of getting my degree and going out into the world and begin making animated feature films, maybe one day down the line but not straight off the bat. I have previously stated that I would be happy to start out just doing character design packages and storyboards. So ideally a job in a studio would be great, as for what I am worth that is another question altogether.

As I mentioned in my last post I have previously attempted to make money from my art, firstly with accounts with online printing stores Pistol Clothing and Red Bubble the later of which also prints posters various other kinds of wall art and stickers as do Deviantart where I also have an account. I have made some money over the 8 or so years my accounts have been active though admittedly I have spent far more on other peoples art work than people have spent on mine.

(Coghlan, 2007)
(Coghlan, 2007)

Though with all the great art and designs that were also available on these sites it did make me wonder if there was a place for my anthro characters and style of art, though since that moment of self doubt I have done some commissions and designed some tattoos and though tattoos are not for me to have someone ask you to design something for there skin that is forever and get paid for it that is a pretty good sign that you are doing something right and the odd favorite on deviantart goes along way as well.

(Coghlan, 2011)
(Coghlan, 2011)

From there I gained my Cert IV in design and started BIG COG Custom Stubby utilizing my design skills to make a range of sublimation printed neoprene products, this was more of a hobby and was never that profitable, well not as profitable as civil construction. So though the avenues I have tried in the past to make money from my artistic endeavours though if push came to shove and I had to make money through them I could but I would need a day job as well.

As it did while I worked in construction it may just work best that I get given a task and I do that task and get paid for it, whether it be in a team or as a team leader I have filled both roles in the past. I don’t see myself as a freelancer, having come from a structured contract environment working on a flat hourly rate, at this point I feel that once in the industry that environment will again suit me but that is just at this point in time it may change so once again only time will tell.


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