I’ve Never Been to a Job Interview!

Unlike previous where I have had a little knowledge and experience with the subject matter of my lectures, with this weeks topic I do not. Sure I know what a job interview is but I have never in my entire working career been for a job interview. In fact in the last 25 years the only interviews i have had were to get into academic institutes, the first in ’93 was to get into the pre-apprenticeship course at TAFE from which i went straight into an apprenticeship with the family company where it was less of an interview and more of a “here sign this you’re going to Kalgoorlie next week!” The second was in March last year when I applied to study here at SAE in Perth.

The only thing that comes close to an actual interview was a questionnaire I had to complete to get a job with Leighton contractors. The actual term for the test escapes at the moment but it apparently it is not dissimilar to a psychiatric test where there are no wrong answers just preferred ones. Being all of 22 at the time and not quite understanding the concepts behind the test let just say here that many of the “preferred answers” were the ones I got “wrong”.

However I do see my lack of experience with job interviews as an advantage more than a disadvantage. By the time I graduate will be the wrong side of 40 and with not being jaded from 20 years of not getting jobs I think that once back into the workforce this coupled with the knowledge of what awaits me outside of the animation game, though I am more than aware that I will have to put the nail bag back on a few times before I can leave the physical labor behind and if the government have there way continue to work till I’m 70 that’s what needs to happen (Massola, 2014).

(‘Shona Harnett — spot on’, 2016)

But this is not about how long I want to work for this is about getting the job first. During the class activity there were a few questions asked not particularly to me but just in general that made me think how I would answer that in an interview. One such question was do you own your own house? I discussed this later with the guy that asked the question. Ian said he asked this to establish how money hungry the person was implying that if they were intent on buying or were paying off a loan that their financial status was that they needed to work to pay for this. I considered this and as I own my own home and I am financially secure what would be an appropriate response that would seem like I wanted the job more that the guy who need it more. The best answer I could come up with was yes I own my own house because I worked hard not so I could pay it of early and then take it easy for the next 30 years but because that is just how I was raised you reap the rewards of what you sow. This is also the best answer I can come up with the one question that I think concerns me the most that being why would I be a better fit than someone half my age with a better grasp one the technology and programs involved.


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