Studio Blog 1

This week marks the first of the studio units i need to complete for my animation degree. In this particular unit my team and I are to design a game environment. As I felt comfortable in the role of team leader in my production unit last trimester and since no one else put there had up for the job this time round either I volunteered myself again for the role. To be honest i did so so i could concentrate on the pre-production side of things and do the bulk of the concept work and the take a back seat in production doing minor asset creation and texturing and continue to do the less interesting work in the background to keep the team moving along.

With my team which is now called Manticortex formed it came time to decide the type of game and the feel of the environment we were going to create. So a few ideas were thrown around and we we broke for lunch with the idea of an underwater temple not unlike the one from the epic Nintendo 64 game The Ocarina of Time from the Zelda franchise.

N64 was awesome (Enterprises, n.d.)

Coming back from lunch Chris came with the idea of instead of the water temple we think about the idea of an alchemist’s laboratory which was all good and well to explore on its own but when he produced the riddle/poem to pitch the idea with i could not say no to the idea.

Cool alchemy (Admin, 2015)

Then came the difference on what an alchemist was, I hear alchemist and straight away think of the manga and anime series Fullmetal Alchemist, Chris he was more of Harry Potter mixing potions kind of alchemy which was something i couldn’t really get behind as i’m not much of a harry potter fan so we hashed it out and came to the compromise of Frankenstein type of mad scientist who uses both the chemistry and sorcery elements to bring life to his creations.

Lame alchemy (“Sixth year,” n.d.)

Come Thursday afternoon when we left class we were creating a dark dank lab with blacks and grays with neon chemical highlights with a somewhat alien Frankenstein creature with object of escaping the lab. But when given only 90 mins to come up with a cohesive concept you will get garbage like that. But give me time and some thinking space and some far better ideas will come into being.


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