Week 5 Blog

Week five took us back to 2D and flash with an interesting exercise where we drew a character then morphed it into someone else’s This was fun to do but again I had to rely on my skills in Photoshop to get the original image to do as I have yet to get my head around drawing directly in flash and even my drawing skills in Photoshop are average which shows how much I rely on my traditional drawing skills to produce art work. Even the character that I used to animate for this particular exercise, a character that I have been drawing on and off for over 20 years I found odd to draw in a digital format but I guess that will all just come with practice and experience.

The actual transformation of my snail character to Ho Yin’s flame man was just basically the snail character drawing back into his shell and bursting into flame which then took the shape of the fire man it was fairly straightforward though it looked far more interesting in my head than the actual animated sequence was. Maybe this was because of the limited time to produce it or lack of experience in Flash or a combination of both but i would like to take another crack at it with another of my characters maybe Jeremiah Bullfrog who has been around just as long as the snail.

(Coghlan, 2016)

Given 20 minutes with a pencil I can knock out a fairly decent drawing to work from but my Photoshop was not quite as well drawn and a Flash version would have been far worse. So lots of practice with those programs to come.


Coghlan, D. (2016). Snail Character Sketch.