Weirdly, I Want to Connect My Kitchen Table to the Internet

I kind of love this project on Kickstarter that turns any surface into an Internet-connected button. A million Kickstarter dollars agree with me.

It’s just an accelerometer that sticks to a wall or table. Then you can tap a surface to send a message to the Internet, to lock doors, dim lights, whatever.

Seriously though, it connects your table to the Internet.

It was weird for me to watch their video and realize that I might enjoy a connected table. I’m a big fan of the Internet of Shit, which faithfully reminds us that adding complexity to things doesn’t make them better.

But this isn’t adding complexity. It’s adding a super-simple user interface to your environment.

My phone is the problem. It’s overloaded. It has dozens of apps and layers upon layers of functionality. Even making a phone call now takes me 5 taps.

(I hate apps. I hate them so much.)

A device that cuts through that, that moves the UX out of the app environment and puts it… on my table. That seems quite nice, actually.

But what’s most interesting about this project to me is that it makes me wonder what other things I might want connected, and for what other reasons that I haven’t yet thought of.

Sure, connect my table. What else?