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My youngest son has decided that, for now, he will be Bjork. He has imbued her with superpowers and makes strange loud noises in his bedroom. He portrays her as a cross between Elsa from Frozen and…well, Bjork. He kind of nailed it.

He imagines Bjork singing to enemies at night, scary phantoms dissipating in the strength of Bjork’s voice. His Bjork character also has a magic wand to channel what he has decided are her “purple fire powers.”

I went through a Bjork phase recently myself, after the host of one of my favorite podcasts wrote a beautiful essay on the relationship between bodybuilding, obsession, and pain, using “Pagan Poetry” to tie the threads together. Vespertine has long been my favorite Bjork album because of the way it conjures warmth in the center of an ice castle — it’s her Elsa album. She takes something sleek and cold and remote and makes it pulsate with the rhythm and heat of a hidden heart, one you can literally hear in the album’s opening moments. …


David Cooper Moore

Media educator, music nerd.

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