Is someone who asks you out a sexual predator?
Roger Heygate-Browne

If they are your editor and control your professional purse strings and then cancel your column after your silence, yes. Anytime a man is in a position of professional power over a woman, the boundaries are (or should be) clear. And if you read his words carefully, he did not ask me out. He wrote, “How come you never asked me out?” Out of the blue and apropos of nothing. Not only is that passive aggressive, it is also wrong, and it lays blame on the recipient. This man also said, during my first interview for the job, when we were talking about a health story I’d previously written, “It’s so weird, here we are talking about your breast cancer while I’m staring at your breasts.” At the time, I chalked it up to first-meeting, foot-in-mouth jitters. In retrospect, the boundary issues were there from the start.