packagist.drupal-composer has been shut down

If you are seeing this message, is because you are using the deprecated Drupal Packagist, a Composer repository for Drupal. It was shut down Friday 10th of March of 2017.

 The “" file could not be downloaded: failed
 to open stream: Connection refused

It hasn’t been a sudden decision, it has been announced for months that the service will not be available after January 2017.

But still, some of us didn’t know about it (1683 results searching in github)

The solution

Use the official Package Repository from It has been out of beta since 21st of December (read the announcement)

You might want to read this guide: Using Composer to manage Drupal site dependencies

(Screenshot from the guide)

Basically, Your project’s composer.json should be updated to look like the following (for Drupal 8 sites)

"repositories": {
"drupal": {
"type": "composer",
"url": ""

Do you have still issues?

You can report issues in the project_composer issue queue:

Thanks to Drupal packagist contributors.

It has been a useful service. Their github repo is here if you need it.

Thanks in particular to:

And Appnovation, who sponsored the initial development of’s composer endpoints.