Daniel Corrigan

English 1110.01

Andrew Kinney

4 October

Baseball subculture

Growing up many kid seemed to be involved in some sort of sport. Whether your parents forced you to get out of the house and do it, or you were excited to go out, make some friends, and have a fun time. From my experiences growing up it seemed that everyone I talked to either played T-Ball or baseball. All my friends including myself also played baseball. We played on the same teams, made new friends, and became better baseball players through the years. We would do nothing but baseball. From fall ball (until I started playing football) to travel leagues, pickup games, going to the cages, or playing in a rec league somewhere, my entire childhood was filled with baseball. We talked about baseball in school and our classmates would give us the weirdest looks. They had no idea what we were talking about. It was like a foreign language to them.

There are many terms and phrases that if you haven’t been associated around baseball at some point in your life, you will never understand what it means. Terms that include, Double play, infield fly, sacrifice bunt, drag bunt, pop up, hit and run, and many more. Some phrases may include “Turn Two”, “Good Eye”, “Take it”, “wear it”, and other chatter that baseball players yell at each other. Baseball chatter is almost like a whole language. There’s many weird thing to say and remember. It may get confusing, because in baseball words and phrases are really weird. If you try and talk or try to tell someone how baseball players talk its almost as easy as trying to communicate to someone who speaks Spanish in Russian. It’s not a life changer to know baseball chatter bit can be easy to distinguish who played or plays baseball from someone who has never even heard of the sport of baseball.

Here, I will try to explain some of the terms and phrases of baseball are and what they mean. The term “double play” means when a ball is put in play and you get the first base runner out as well as the man who just hit the ball. Double play is tied in with the term “let’s turn two” that means “lets create a double play.” The term “take it” is usually a sign given by the third base coach, meaning to don’t swing at the pitch. Even if it is a strike you want the pitch to go by you. This is almost always signaled by the coach when there is a 3–0 count on you or they plan to steal the base. You never want to swing on a 3–0 count. You want to increase your odds of getting on base. Another term includes bunt, A bunt is when the batter takes the bat and puts in horizontal to the plate and tries to just tap the ball. This strategy is used to maybe advance a runner into scoring position, or if you have a fast person up to bat a bunt can catch the fielding team off guard and it gives the batter a better chance to get on base. Even just telling someone about these terms is almost still a challenge. A demonstration would be the most ideal way to show someone who does not associate with baseball.

There’s also many different things that baseball players say or do. A lot of these phrases are very silly or just sound weird. These include “Good eye kid”, “atta way kid”, “atta babe”, and many others. These are just ways to say “nice job man” in the language of baseball. Talking to someone who plays baseball you may also see them pretending to swing a bat, or to catch a ball, or to throw a ball. It’s just some things that baseball players like to do. They like to make sure their techniques are perfect and that they also look good while they are doing it. People also may make the signs that their coach gives to just to have fun. These signs include usually swiping of and body part, touching self in different places, touching hat, clapping hands, and making other baseball like motions. Usually these motions mean the same thing to every team. Its just a fun thing that baseball players like to do to each other.

Baseball is almost like a foreign language you have never heard of. The phrases, terms, signs and chatter are all part of this weird made up culture that is baseball. Its not important to know all these things because you most certainly will never use these at any point in your life, unless you play baseball at the professional or college level. It is very interesting to understand though because it’s very weird to just listen too.