Credible Fury

Digging into the differences amongst the distant relatives can only leave one mind to one conclusion. Take into considerations the ideas that people who are amongst the distant relatives ponder. Valor, honor, morality, humanity, probity, virtue. There is one relative who lacks none of these although they can’t identify them. The other relative defined these but doesn’t align themselves with them out of fear of their position becoming an activated garnishment. Relatives, because it all started from one but people believing in composition can’t recognize this one fact. It started with a rib or Big Bang or one species either way it was one….Not everything is earth, wind and fire sometimes Mars can be the splint needed for confusion. Just as religion is the cast for God. Such injurious minds;You disagree I eliminate any possibility of sanity in your mind, You concur and we can develops networks. These two relatives are just orbiting around the negative and positive forces until one concludes that working together seems impossible. These minds remind me of Infantry needed to maintain ordinance just as cashiers in a burger spot. I keep the infantry on guard while I can conjure ideas to subjugate the psyche of my kingdom. Put the fear of God into their minds only to pray alongside these same people. Gods don’t pray to oneself, so why must a priest have more divinity than a non church goer? These are the times when it’s time to consider what’s pragmatic and maybe easier to grasp. What’s a duty for life when life to some is a duty and to others duty is life? Their minds walk in a muck. Walking in place going no where on time. But valor is something they never seemed necessary. Honor seemed too simple and ridiculous because they gained glory by taking for the honorable. They fail to realize the honor model that they strive to uphold was created by ignoble people. Morality is too inhumane in the first place. Morality is only a term that makes sense after civilizations and art come into the picture.Maybe probity and virtue are ideas i can affect via time. But any means necessary I must live on regardless of the harm these people maybe caused. Me before you and you before me. But the king said him before all. Well im saying the same thing the king is in control of not just you but the shephards who of course controll the sheep. In reality it must be easier to not know these ideas than to know them and try to perform them in everyday interactions. It must be easier to go along with the flow than to be “bunny greenhoused” or “muslimed”.I only practice these ideals for appreciation. One should seek appreciation in being around another person. It makes sense for your intentions to remain congruent with destroying the mindsets of these people who can’t identify these properties. Why? Because you don’t even care about living righteously but rather appreciated. You walk with the same intentions that the king and priest do. Your just a corporate trainer in a commissions job seeking to instruct others of what’s needed to become more rapacious. ……. I’m unlike you. I appreciate everything going on around me. I could care less about Mars and what they have to offer. Whether it’s frank Lucas or Isaac Newton I seek no purpose in their behavior, just a means for control. Whether exercised by them or by others. You conclude to be so far ahead because of your outward showings. Nothing like the mind of someone who seeks comfort in great virtue and valor, your searching for ways to be like Mars. Divinity found in looking for ways to be alike the unlike. There’s no closed doors when everything’s out in the open. I studied to free my own mind others study to capture and trap others. Then they assume God is blessing all of those trapping. Whether legally or illegally, consistently damaging and inheriting another persons mind is equivalent to destroying your own, either by karma or natural causes. King namar meets Nicky Barnes, both cutting it to increase capital one for destruction the other for the people but, both involving the people. One can point fingers but karma doesn’t. In the mind of persons seeking credence from a mind of a distant relative the mindset eventually turns into destruction. The melanin difference creates alternate mindsets imbuing confusion for one to believe the other is an animal. I’m confused, on gas planets one can’t survive, thank the sun for this planet. I guess you can be the one who appears to be better- my minds too great too feed into nescience. I’d rather remain honorable with virtue finding divinity in constant study only to reinforce the reinforcements who seek more virtue than that’s evident today. No thank you immoral minds you seek nothing but confusion. Eventually you might attract more if you come to the side practicing probity. Until then you are just another credible fury.

#IFIT #Aware #NG

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