Daniel, pointing to one example of something you think the press covered inadequately isn’t much of…
Ben Bayer

I don’t think inadequately covering something and outright fabrication are equally bad. But I do think the mainstream media is also guilty of fabrication, and ignoring something that is true could become a lie of omission. It’s fine for someone like you to rely on it, because you will research what is going on and read from several different sources. The average person gets their news from social media apparently, if it’s so much to blame for all of this.

I wasn’t really making an argument, just asking a question. I think it’s a really important example, and I don’t agree that it was covered adequately.

I really don’t like Trump, but what makes his problems or lies more concerning than Hillary Clinton’s? Why is it all ok to Hillary supporters? seriously, I am having trouble respecting Hillary supporting friends who can look at her lying and still think she’s a decent human being . Why aren’t her excessive speech fees to all these different countries concerning? Really, who wants to see her talk. Why is lying about wiping her server and doing it ok? and why is ok to blame Russia when they don’t even know it was Russia, when it was her fault to begin with? Why was it ok to collude with the DNC to beat Bernie?

I agree that people need to recognize fake news, but it worries me that most of the talk about it is a ploy for censorship. I totally agree with your sniff test posts- people need to be more critical of what they read online. That’s really all that can be done about it.

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