If this story were true, what else would be true?
Ben Bayer

Just curious what you think of the mainstream media’s failure to report on the content of Hillary’s emails or the corruption of the Clinton foundation. Is that the elephant not in the room? If it’s not in their room, should we dismiss it?

You can actually go see the verbatim emails after all, even though they were so sparsely covered. and now it’s just Russia’s fault, not her fault.

If that is the source you are saying is more reliable than fake news, I don’t know what you are smoking Ben. A lot of people only pay attention to this media, and they really think hillary never did anything wrong. So they are either incredibly evasive in the face of evidence they must have seen, they don’t care because she’s a part of their ideological tribe (this wouldn’t surprise me after seeing leftists praise Castro), or they just have not been exposed to any evidence that she ever did anything wrong.

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