Chip Upgrade // 16nm

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Where we are

Since the inception of dcrasic, we dreamed of being an ASIC for the community, not a third party coming in simply for the numbers.

Community representation is important. From day zero, our advisors helped shape our future plans to be in line with Decred’s ideals and we were accessible and open to chatting about the project on Slack.

We’ve been taking your feedback to heart and we still imagine a future where everyone is on board and has a voice in production of hardware accelerated PoW. We’d love someday to have aspects of production up to community vote, so what we do is in line with the shared vision of the project, not simply running adjacent and hoping we don’t collide.


We have decided to move to 16nm, a more advanced process node, prompted by the need to best serve our customers in a competitive environment.

The 16nm node entered production barely four years ago, and was a significant improvement over 28nm which entered production eight years ago. Most bitcoin ASICs today, such as those in the Antminer S9, are built in the 16nm process. 16nm means that we can offer Bitcoin level of development for the Decred market while the competition is at older 28nm technology.

The jump from 28nm to 16nm means you will enjoy significant advantage in hashrate and power consumption, and this will give you an advantage over other miners.

You deserve the best, and we will supply it.


Since it’s a more advanced process, the jump to 16nm means a higher research and development cost, but even cheaper chips out the back. We have some creative ideas that we’re working on to bridge the gap, but we’re going to need your support!

If you’re an investor who’s interested in potentially being a part of the best ASIC company around, we’d love to chat:

What’s next

We’re pushing back our sales date and rerunning our specs for 16nm. We plan to publish our new specs for 16nm in the coming weeks. This will push back our ship date by only a month while delivering a clearly superior product.

We’re really excited with this new plan, and are looking forward to sharing our updated specs with you. 16nm will provide even greater security for Decred, will provide better efficiency, and will provide a bright future for our product in a world of competitive mining.

To learn more about 16nm, visit 7400’s blog at:

As always feel free to reach out to us at any time. We love hearing from you.