Carrie Underwood v. Miranda Lambert

Carrie sings as a woman country artist because she always talks about woman issues. I believe her singing is not limiting but her messages are. I feel that it is not fair to compare Carrie to Miranda constantly because they both have different ways of singing. Maybe one or two songs they sound alike but not exactly the same. A critic needs a full knowledge of the background of that music before offering their insight on the song, music, or singer. I feel that country singers have many different personalities that make it hard to find a singers fixed identity. Carrie Underwood fits in this category because almost all her songs are different from each other in message and tune. I think she sings her songs to please her fans and doesn't really care about what the critics say about so many personalities. Well obviously people like her songs and album because her newest album, Storyteller, went from 23 on the Top Country Albums to 14.

Carrie Underwood started her fantastic career by auditioning and then winning American Idol in May of 2005 at the age of 21. She immediately went into the country music business and began recording songs. Her debut single, Inside Your Heaven, was released soon after she won American Idol. Then her debut album, Some Hearts, was also released in 2005 became a smashing hit with songs like Jesus Take the Wheel and Before He Cheats. It has received 7x platinum award and became the fastest-selling female country album. Her next album, Carnival Ride, was released in 2007 and is a triple platinum award. Her other albums, Play on (2009) received 2x platinum, Blown Away (2012) received platinum, and Storyteller (2015) received gold. All her single hits, over 25 songs, in which she was the lead artist have either received multiplatinum, platinum, or gold awards.

While many of her songs are about lying, cheating men, after many years of dating NFL players and actors, she married Mike Fischer on July 10, 2010. He is currently an NHL player for the Nashville Predators. They had a son, Isaiah Michael Fischer, on February 27, 2015.

Now Miranda Lambert started her singing career at the age of 16. She was singing in competitions and getting top places in them. She never actually released an album or single until the summer of 2004. All 5 of her albums since 2004 have each won single platinum. Not as big as Carrie Underwood but still a great accomplishment. Miranda’s single hits have a variety of double platinum, platinum, and mostly gold awards. Miranda Lambert married Blake Shelton in May of 2011 and became the most popular couple in country music. In June 2015, they announced they were getting divorced and went their separate ways.

Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert are very different. I believe Carrie Underwood is more successful and more popular than Miranda Lambert. Carrie’s songs can be enjoyed by the young and old while Miranda’s songs are more for young adults and older. Carrie Underwood has many songs and albums that have received over 2x platinum while Miranda has none at 3x platinum or higher.

Carrie Underwood, I believe, wins that battle between her and Miranda Lambert.