Live by the EpiPen, die by the EpiPen
Zach Shallbetter

I’ve tossed around the idea of a pharmaceutical NPO before in similar threads as a solution for drug cost issues. Maybe someone will finally take the idea and run with it. (I’m an ok idea person but not a good manager)

I think the patents at issue with the EpiPen have to do with the physical device itself, but it seems like there should be a generic equivalent injector out there, maybe old military injectors or if nothing else humane society tranq darts could instead be loaded up with epinephrine.

They could call the prototype NPO for this EpiCenter or Epiphany, then if it works out other communities and countries could each pick out a generic drug to make NPO’s for; with the right coordination this could not only be a common effort to benefit the world, it can be a positive united effort that helps smooth relations between peoples and countries.

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