TU Incubator member company provides internship opportunities

For years, Towson University has inspired students and their passion in life; guiding them to follow their dreams and beyond. TU incubator is no different. One of the great resources available to our incubator members is access to motivated, entrepreneurial interns. The interns work part-time with our founders helping with wide a range of activities including marketing, research, and social media support.

Most interns come from the TU College of Business and Economics, but this summer we were fortunate to welcome Cassidy Riley, from Babson College, to the TU team. Babson is considered to be one of the best schools for entrepreneurship and was featured in The Princeton Review’s Top 25 Best Grad Programs for Entrepreneurs. Aspiring to be an entrepreneur, Cassidy wanted to intern for a start-up company over the summer.

Cassidy was introduced to Code&Play and its founder, Felipe De Padua. Code&Play is an online coding school for kids and teenagers. Students learn via real-time video-conferencing with real engineers. They make learning how to code fun and interactive and allows students to learn at their own pace for a personalized experience.

Here’s what Cassidy had to say about interning with Code&Play

Working with Felipe at Code&Play has been a great experience so far and has really helped me expand my entrepreneurial knowledge. Felipe was very welcoming and eager to have me jump right in with his company. I was very excited to start and see what things I would learn, as well as what things I could bring to the company.

Cassidy Riley, student intern with TU Incubator member company Code&Play

I learned a lot about how to improve my marketing and design skills with different programs on my computer that I have never used before, and was able to use my people skills to help bring new ideas to the companies marketing aspects. I know that I will continue to use those skills in the future!

Overall I am very pleased with this opportunity I received to work with Felipe and Code&Play, and I couldn’t have asked for a better internship to help me prepare for my future career in business!

Code&Play had great things to say about working with a student intern.

Cassidy was an exceptional intern. She was always ready to take on any tasks (no matter how new or challenging they initially were). Her enthusiasm, level of commitment and flexibility to play different roles and learn fast are essential for any startup; therefore, I was glad to have her working for Code&Play.

She also went way beyond the basic/conventional intern tasks that some companies expect from them. Instead, at Code&Play, she was challenged since the beginning and participated in the decision-making and helped adding her knowledge to the company; bringing diversity of opinion and solution propositions to tackle the day-to-day issues that wouldn’t otherwise be thought of.

Working with entrepreneurs is a rewarding experience. Giving students that same opportunity is doubly so. Member companies gain value from the knowledge and hard work of the interns, like Cassidy. Student interns get real-world experience of what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

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I manage the daily operations and programming of TU Incubator and help to foster an environment that promotes innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship throughout Greater Baltimore.



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