A humble soul enters the omnipotent’s realm to stand trial before all the divine entities known to mankind.

– Who’s the one that crosses the Holy Gate?

– If I may, doesn’t that adjective seem a bit farfetched?

– What do you mean with such statement?

– The word “holy” doesn’t seem to fit well with the environment we stand. Why not “heavenly” since this place stands above the clouds?

– My child, this is a sacred place and “heavenly” — though your reasoning is correct — doesn’t do justice to its grandiosity!

– I respect your point of view even though it sounds an over the top assumption.

– Careful now! You stand before gods. A heretic personality wouldn’t be something we would recommend you to wear.

– Worry not, for I am not guilty of such.

– Let us be the judges of that, for that is our task. Now please, tell us your name!

– There is no need for me to present myself. Since you are all gods, you must surely know my name.

– Aren’t you irreverent? This is a religious trial! We warn you, such behavior won’t be tolerable.

– Then I fear the trial has come to an end.

– How come? You just arrived! And we haven’t dictated our sentence.

– Pardon me, but you said this was a religious trial. If so, I follow no religion. Therefore it makes no sense for me to stand trial.

– Only those who walked a religious path are to be admitted in our sacred realm.

– Yet again, I have not served any of your fallacious ideologies.

– What say you?! You dare to challenge our wrath? We are gods! Omnipotent beings!

– No, you are not. For all I can see you are but shapeless wisps. Beams of light that humans falsely associate to their image.

– That is because we can assume the form of anything we have ever created!

– In the end you all look the same to me. Reflections of one single personality.

– We are all different! And if you can’t see the differences then religion has never touched your soul! Saving is out of reach for you, child!

– That doesn’t disturb my peace and I surely feel no need of saving. But I am grateful for your concern.

– You deserve not to be in this place, however… If you are here there must be a reason for it.

– I sense doubt in your words. Aren’t you all supposedly pantomath?

– Blasphemy! Stand down or we shall sentence you to an undying suffering!

– I feel like you are somewhat lost in your utopian thoughts. Allow me to express my sincere opinion.

– We are known by your kind as merciful and, regarding that fact, we concede you the freedom to speak your mind.

– Very well. Basically, you are all like an inflicted mental disease. A belief forced into the doubtful minds of men, women and children. But that I cannot judge, for they are afraid of their ephemeral life. A time so short for so much to live. And none of this should ever be yours to control!

– Nonsense! We are perfect beings! Conjurers of worlds and creators of life as it is known! It is mankind’s duty to pledge us devotion!

– For some that is a questionable truth. Religion segregates people, alienates them. Kills their free will!

– You followed the beliefs of some religion yourself so you could stand here! So, why such hypocrisy? You would never stand here with us if anything you imply about yourself was true.

– I don’t intend to. Nor do I need to be seen beside you. I have experienced the simple things in life. I reached enlightenment through a calm state of mind, rid of any of your conceived ideologies.

– First you diminish us, then you insult our beliefs? You are to be banished from this place you tumultuous infidel!

– I merely speak the truth. Life is definitely more valuable than any of your deceitful promises of eternal rest.

– Heretic! You are not worthy of our mercy and you shall never return to this place! BE GONE!

– The pleasure was mine.

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