Top 10 Tips for Selling Out

“Selling Out” is a play on words… Sales is the process that sustains your vision — NOT a compromise of your integrity only for profit.

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This post is not just for salespeople, because everybody can get better at communication, sharing, collaborating and, most importantly, listening to understand the real needs of others.

We are all selling all the time — the teacher opens minds, the waiter promises satisfaction, the coder shares better methods with the team.

Sell your brains out and share what you know.

Get these 10 elements — Sweet Spot, Musky, Product/Market Fit, SWOT, JTBD, BANT, AIDAR, Partners, and PTP:


2 — Get Musky. Your presentation needs these 5 elements:

  • Name the enemy
  • Why now? (for your solution)
  • Show the promised land (before explaining how you will get there)
  • Identify obstacles and how to overcome
  • Tell the truth… show evidence

3 — Get Product/Market Fit

The right market conditions are more important than obsessing over the perfect product. Evolving includes quick fails (it’s better to just call it learning). So, get something (imperfect) out into the market to learn, iterate, optimize! Read more about how Mark Andreessen is still right.

Get it? Launch unfinished and unpaid…
Get it? Launch unfinished and unpaid…

4 — Get SWOT = A brutally honest assessment for your:

Strengths — Unique Value Proposition … Weaknesses — and the plan to solve them … Opportunities — For your company and from shifts in the market … Threats — Alternatives for your prospect’s time and budget.

5 — Get JTBD… Jobs To Be Done

What job are you and your product helping customers accomplish? … Watch how Clayton thinks about milkshakes in 7 minutes:

6 — Get BANT

You must know your prospect’s BANT = Budget — Authority — Need —Timing

7 — Get AIDAR = Awareness — Interest — Decision — Action — Research/Retention

Here is an acronym to make sure you commit to the basic tactics stages of the buying process. Remember AIDAR… How are they even Aware of you? Have you earned their Interest? Do they have the info they need to make a Decision? What are the specific Actions they need to make (sign up, share, buy)? Next, you must Research how to manage all this better while you fulfill on your promises. A second “R” means understanding and tweaking your tactics for customer Retention.

8 — Get Partners

True partners are not vendors… they actively support each other and, in the best cases, actually rely on each other. This means that BOTH sides must align on goals and compensation. Choose wisely and you exponentially grow your outreach and sales.

9 — Get Path To Profit — How do YOU make money?

Know what works across your own business, margins, resource capabilities, etc. Understand your Capitalization Table. Harry shares some good basics here.

10 — Since you made it this far, you deserve to know the single most important secret to sales success …

Simply focus on earning the next meeting.


Get Pink. The ABCs of Persuasion are in this 3 minute video - about:


Get Better — Take a look at this State of Sales Report from about what makes a top performer. Or download a PDF directly here.


Get Deep — daily philosophical leadership, bizdev insights, and inspiration from Seth Godin. See recent good ones HERE


Get Smart. Lots of good Sales-y Podcasts HERE

Now… Be a Sell Out!

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