Adobe Captivate: Javascript hacks to disable Playbar Slider & mark all slides viewed
Michael Barshinger

Hi Michael,

Excellent work with this. I’ve a couple of quick questions if I may…

(a) I found that your code hide the playbarSliderThumb thereby preventing me from advancing by using the scrubber which is one part of the problem. However I was still able advance by clicking on any part of the playbar. Is your code supposed to have prevented this behaviour too? Any suggestions for this problem?

(b) If I exit the presentation then subsequently return, it asks me if I want to resume from where I left off. If I do that, then I skip the first slide which means your script doesn’t run and the playbarSliderThumb returns. Other than running your script on every slide, can you think of any smart ways to solve this?

Sorry to trouble you on this, but you are obviously far more advanced at this that me.


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