Gay Pride Month: The Meaning of Colour

Last time I was giving you a lesson in picking the purr-fect flooring products for your four-legged friends but this time I’m here with a bit of history for you. You may or may not know that June is Gay Pride Month and has been since the famous Stonewall Riots of June 1969 when members of the LGBT community protested against the legal limitations on their lifestyles. Just one year after the pivotal chaos in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village the first ever Gay Pride parades took place in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago and the colourful rainbow flag soon became synonymous with sexual and social liberation. Colour is an extremely symbolic concept and it’s no different when it comes to interior design and flooring choices but let me tell you a bit more about that famous flag before I brag about our Browse By Colour service…

The original flag was designed by San Francisco-born artist, Gilbert Baker who was also an activist within the LGBT community. It has been redesigned a fair few times since but the basic concept and the fundamental meaning behind the rainbow flag has remained the same since that historical epoch of evolution. The almost psychedelic collection of colours which make up the design symbolises diversity as a whole but each individual shade also holds a unique meaning of its own. Red stands for life, orange promotes healing, yellow reflects sunlight, green demonstrates nature, blue connotes harmony and violet represents spirit.

These colours are a way for the LGBT community to express their identity without words and you can adopt a similar concept by choosing the right shades of carpet tile for your home or business.

Our very own Browse By Colour service

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So June might be Gay Pride Month and cause for extra displays of vibrancy but the connotation of colour is something that is absolutely crucial to us all, every single day. I’ll come clean and admit that during my youth, I did go through a bit of a Morticia Addams phase where my wardrobe was 99% jet black but even my gothic garb allowed for a pop of Pennsylvanian purple here and there. This injection of colour meant I could put my own personal stamp on the Halloween aesthetic and whether it was a conscious process or not, my carefully selected palette gave me a certain sense of identity that made me unique.

What I have found out since (apart from the fact black lipstick is never a good look) is that this creation of identity through colour is also a big deal when it comes to business and branding. It’s also pretty high up there on the list of priorities for domestic interior design and that’s where our extensive collection of carpet tile colourways come in. Whether it’s a domestic dwelling, office block, doctor’s surgery or swanky restaurant, the interior set up of a space always serves as an extension of you or the brand it is home to and this has a lot to do with colour.

Sure, the shade of the paint on the walls and furniture dotted around the room is instrumental but think about it, the biggest surface areas in there are the floor and ceiling. Now, I doubt you’ve landed here on the hunt for ceiling carpet tiles but we do have some pretty fantastic flooring products which you can now browse by colour because we understand just how important it is to find the perfect hue for you. When you’re done here, head back to our homepage and hover over the Browse Carpet Tiles menu and get lost in our technicolour treasure trove of tiles, from beiges and greys to reds and yellows.

This feature of our new website is particularly useful if you’re a contractor or architect who is often faced with clients who need you to stick to strict brand guidelines and project briefs which dictate the colours available to you. Sometimes the colours in a logo, website or existing interior space can be tricky to match, which is why we also offer our handy Match My Colour service. Here you can upload an image of an existing paint colour, fabric swatch or floor tile and our team of tile experts will match it. Alternatively, if you have a batch number or product name to hand, simply drop an email into the inbox and we’ll help you find the perfect match.