Treat your home to a bit of nice & nautical

The nautical trend is back and this time round it’s all about paying homage to the boardwalks we dream of strolling along and the driftwood that we would watch ride away from shore on a salty tide.

The retro deck-stripes and lighthouse motifs have been done a million times before so think more French Riviera than Brighton Pier this season.

Fresh blues, crisp whites, sandy beiges and muted hues stolen straight from Mother Nature’s picnic basket is where it’s at now. Natural fabrics like hessian and linen, soft furnishings displayed with carefree abandon and rustic rugs strewn stylishly over wooden floors are boxes that you’ll need to tick to nail this one.

The trend is also about making interior spaces as bright and airy as possible and when you aren’t blessed with a glassy mansion on the Californian coast with ceilings as high as the sky, you’ve got to find other ways of achieving the desired aesthetic.

Luxury vinyl is a real breeze

Flooring is such a massive part of any interior space (literally), it contributes massively to the overall tone, vibe and aesthetic of the room so it really is the perfect place to start when you get that interior overhaul itch.

Being such an expansive (not expensive) area to kit out, you’re probably going to want to keep your floorcovering costs as low as possible and that’s where we come in.

Our collection of blooming’ gorgeous luxury vinyl is the ideal way to get that natural, beachy finish without having to eat beans on toast for tea for the next three weeks.

They’re also perfect for kitchens and bathrooms which, coincidentally, are the two domestic areas which lend themselves most perfectly to this look.

We do have a great deal to choose from but for this particular purpose, I recommend going for something that is light in both colour and ‘grain’ to make even small, cluttered spaces seem more spacious and breezy.

Opting for a vinyl alternative wont just save you cash, it also means you won’t have to contend with the high-maintenance demands that come with traditional hard flooring either.