Notes on the Alt-Right

1 The Alt-Right is defined by anti-Leftism, more then any other principle, in accordance with the intuition that contemporary Leftism is a technocratic discourse of conformism and control.

2 The Alt-Right is parasitic on this object, or the image of this object for its own sense of self-identity and purpose. If this Leftism did not exist, the Alt-Right would have to create it. (Or is it the other way around?)

3 The claim that Leftism today is an elitist and repressive ideology is not without merit. The power centers of Leftism today are academia, the art world, and proximal middle and upper-middle class cultural strata — not factories, not the poor, and not the working class.

4 Contemporary Leftism conforms to what Marx called false consciousness — i.e., a systematic misdirection designed to disempower. “If you get them asking the wrong questions, you don’t need to worry about the answers.”

5 Shortly before the KGB’s November coup, Žizek pointed out the contradiction of HRC attempting to maintain a coalition between Great Ape-Snake War and Wall Street. Yet, and as he knows, this is fundamentally the coalition of the contemporary Left — nowhere better incarnated then in the structure of the American university system.

6 Contemporary US academia is today effectively a child exploitation ring, transforming crippling debts for students into billion dollar endowments for the institutions, while never ceasing to produce more Leftist discourse. The culture industry works in the same way. The pervasive contemporary obsession with pedophilia is a kinky sublimation of this fundamental economic logic.

7 The affect of the Right is resentment; the affect of the Left is contempt — a contempt considered “earned” as the reward of education, that serves as a discharge for imaginary revenge. Contempt for the uneducated, or the non-PC, displaces the exploitative behavior of universities towards their students, for their students, even while revealing that no education has, in fact, occurred, given this dynamic is maintained. There is no obvious structural difference between Trump University and the English literature department of, say, Harvard, except that Trump University didn’t market to children; the cultural and economic value in both cases is zero.