Primer AI, Series A led by DCVC, raises $40M+ Series B to scale commercialization of AI that reads and writes like a human

A Tale of Two Curves: Data & Analysts

“In 2011, Americans took in five times as much information every day as they did in 1986 — the equivalent of 174 newspapers. During our leisure time, not counting work, each of us processes 34 gigabytes, or 100,000 words, every day. The world’s 21,274 produce 85,000 hours of original programming every day as we watch an average of 5 hours of television daily, the equivalent of 20 gigabytes of audio-video images. That’s not counting Youtube, which uploads 6,000 hours of video every hour.”*

Source: “The Digitization of the World, from Edge to Core”, Bureau of Labor Statistics

“The National Geospatial Agency said ‘If we were to actually have analysts looking at every bit of data that [. . .] we’ve collected, we’d need 8 million analysts’. ” — CEO Sean Gourley

Source: “Measuring Search Effectiveness
Source: “This is how AI can help you make sense of the world

Manifold Engines

Getting to Ground Truth

“ArXiv is a good illustration of the deluge of information we face. You can see the timeline of scientific progress in arXiv. But it is not human readable. You can’t make sense of all of it, even with a PhD.” — John Bohannon



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