Forgotten Memories

PC: Disney Wiki

The red liquid ran down my wrist. My head pulsated and ached. The only issue? It wasn’t my blood, and who was I anyways? As I woke up, I tried to remember what happened. The room that I was in was a complete mess. It seemed like there was a tornado in here. I walked around the room to try and search for clues. Everything here looked kinda familiar to me, but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. There were lots of glass bottles on the floor, levers on the wall, and what I could only imagine was a cart from a rollercoaster. I walked around trying to find clues to who I was and why I had blood on me. I stumbled across a mirror on the floor, partially shattered, but good enough for me to see who I was. A muscular build, sandals, and what seemed to be a kippah on my head. Was I Jewish? Was I a bodybuilder? What is my name? Questions kept popping in my mind as I tried to remember my life. However, just like the room, my head was a mess. The more I tried to remember what happened, the more my head started to hurt. I touched the back of my head only to feel a bump there. It felt fresh, almost like it just happened. The pain pierced my head every time I touched it.

I left what seemed like a laboratory and went out to see where I was. I walked around the town trying to find a person who could tell me who I was. However, I wasn’t even able to find a single person. This place was a literal ghost town. I started to feel a bit scared now. I had so many questions, but no one to answer them. I just kept walking until I got to this building. It had a sign that read Mudka’s Meat Hut. There was something special about this place. I just had a feeling that I belonged in here. That I spent a lot of time in here. I pushed open the door and instantly my head started to hurt. I got a flood of memories come into my mind. I saw myself cooking, talking to people, and a llama for some reason. I was so confused. It seemed like I was loved, but why was I the only one in this town?

I walked into the kitchen to find that it was the only thing that looked clean and organized. I looked around trying to get another surge of memories, but no dice. I glanced towards the table to see that there was a pair of oven mitts there. As I went to pick them up, I had this feeling that these mitts were important to me. “Oven Mitts. The oven mitts for cooking, the oven mitts chosen especially to cook for people, my oven mitts.” I thought to myself. I looked down at the oven mitts and smiled. I was really happy that I found these for some reason. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a picture that someone drew. It was of a man and he had a thumb up. I instantly got a flashback of what this picture was about. The Cold Shoulder, the Frenzied Eyebrow, the Grimace of Doom, the Sneer of Despair, the Crippling Wince of Guilt, the Scowl of Impending Wrath, and worst of all, the Nostril Flare of Total Rejection, I tried to avoid these all. I started to piece together who I was and what I was doing.

Then, I remembered the accident. The thing that started it all. I dropped the picture and ran back to the lab, down the roller coaster that I usually enjoy, and into the room. “He should have been here” I said out loud. I looked around. I knew what happened and it was all my fault. The blood, the pain, everything made sense now. I searched for clues to where he was or where he went to. All I could find was some fur on the floor and a set of footprints that seemed to disappear. I felt hopeless about what happened. As I walked out of the lab for the second time, I felt guilty about everything. The reason why everyone was gone was because of me. As I pushed open the door to get out, I felt something touch my back, sending shivers down my spine. Too scared to turn around, I felt someone get closer to me. This mysterious figure felt furry and whatever was touching felt small and hard, sort of like a hoof. The mysterious figure leaned in towards my ear and whispered, “That was the wrong lever”.

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