Thanks, For Giving Me Everything (Updated)

I remember the first time I encountered you was when I was on my first cruise with my family. I knew you were seeing my mother before then, but I had no idea who you were until my mom introduced you to us. You seemed like a pretty serious person at first, and that’s the only time I saw you.

The next time I saw you was at a wedding, and we ended up eating at the same table. The highlight of that night wasn’t even the marriage of the happy couple or the insanely good food with a freaking chocolate fountain and s’more station. The best part of that night was when you taught me how to make a bra out of a napkin, and I got the impression that even though you were an adult, you still had some kid in you, and that was pretty awesome. I remember for the next month after that wedding, I was showing everyone at my school how to make napkin bras and it actually attracted a lot of attention. I haven’t made one in years, but I’m pretty sure if anyone asked me, I could probably figure it out.

As the years went on, I noticed you started seeing my mom more and more, and you started hanging out with us, taking us to places in your dank Porsche and buying us whatever we wanted. And then it got to the point where you took us out to vacations consisting of expensive food and extravagant hotel rooms with stunning views. I’ve always felt bad for having you to spend money on me, so most of the time I would try and not let you buy me things I didn’t need nor deserve, and when ever you insisted, I made sure that I would somehow owe you back one day. The best memory I had in my life was when you took me to my first NBA game at MSG in the match up of the Bulls and Knicks, two of my most favorite teams. It was memorable because sharing that awesome energy with the crowd in that game was my “Welcome to New York” moment, and it got me in love with the city.

Looking back, I guess most of my kindness came from you. It was pretty astonishing how someone could spend so much money on me and my family when I feel like we didn’t really deserve these things at all. At first, I thought you were trying to buy our approval, but I realized that hey, you’re just a pretty nice guy, aside from your occasional tantrums. You didn’t mind spending money for us because you were rich, but because you didn’t see money to be as important as other things in life. I look at money to be a bonus than a necessity and I don’t mind buying things for my friends as well. I’m rich, in friends who care about me instead of money. You taught me where the real treasure really lies within life.

You having to leave us was a bad thing and a good thing. With you gone, I didn’t really have anyone to hang out with, but mostly, our family was going to be financially struggling again. It was a good thing in which I had to stop expecting someone to care of me and this led me to be a more independent and hard-working person. Oh yeah, when I had to make money to take my friend Natalie out to prom, I had to work for my mom for a couple days, and I was imagining how if you were still there you would’ve just gave me the cash. It was way more satisfying making that money on my own and using it to take Natalie out. You should meet her sometime if you ever visit, you would like her (I think xD). Sorry that things between you and my mother didn’t work out in the end. In all honesty, I supported your decision all the way. Although my mom did seem to like you a lot, it seemed like she also liked to take advantage of your kindness too. I get that too, so I can understand how that must’ve felt.

I don’t think you ever checked my emails since the day you left, but I got into NYU! Thanks for all those trips to the city and the campus which would gradually get me to make it my dream school. Although I’m not going there until later, maybe I’ll run into you and we can catch up with bagels!

Thanks for providing me with lots of food and so much clothes. I feel like I gained an advanced taste of food and fashion through it. Thanks for being there when I didn’t really have any friends to hang out with. Most importantly though, thanks for fostering all my interests I ever had, from basketball to the trumpet and everything in between. I hope things between you and your new girlfriend are working out well. I’ll never forget what you did, and when I make millions and become famous (hopefully), I’ll be able to make good on my promise and send you a fat check to repay my debt. Thanks, Nick!

(UPDATE): I found out you got engaged! Congrats, I’m happy for you and expect a present from me! A few years have passed since we’ve talked and I have grown into a much better person. I finally found my passion in helping others and I think I’m more outgoing than I used to be. You know, a lot of people ask me why I help people out so much. They ask why I’m always going out of my way and why I’m helping people that don’t even know me or don’t care much about me. I always asked myself those same questions too. But maybe, just maybe, it was because of you.

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