Eyes on The Prize: In Pursuit of Racial Justice, Stick to the Facts and Avoid the Fiction
Jonathan Greenblatt

ADL is all for equality and justice for all, except with respect to Israel/Palestine. Many American ADL supporters are Zionists committed to dispossession of Palestinians of their land, stripping such people of any rights whatsoever, mass incarceration thereof, and killing them under any plausibly deniable situation (a sort of genocide when framed as a policy, however unwritten or spoken.) Many ADL supporters are therefore racists in their own right.

It is commonplace to invoke the “two sides” paradigm and thereby complaining about one-sided bias. The “two sides” are presented as a balance of “violence for violence” even though the toll of violence is absurdly asymmetrical in favor of Israel. Furthermore, asymmetry exists from the very start of the Israel project when immigrants landed in Palestine with the intent of taking the land away from its native inhabitants and banishing them such as to “enjoy” a Jewish majority. No Palestinian ever decamped for Eastern Europe with the intent of relieving Jews of their farms and shops, personal possessions and bank accounts. This never happened. From this point on, the story is riven with asymmetry in which Israel is always the perpetrator and Palestinians are absolutely always the victims, no matter what action one considers.

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