3 Basic Truths To Gain Consistent Growth

When it comes to actually getting goals accomplished, whether it’s a startup, non-profit, or a product, motivation may not be enough. There are a lot of people who have a moment of inspiration and start strong but run out of steam and don’t recover. The ideas and work ethic seem to go hand in hand in this flourishing culture of entrepreneurship. I simply want to remind people about the basics and the proper incentive to transition from dreams to action.


Having ideas is often the fuel for motivation. This is what can keep one going for a while. While its the genesis to what later snowballs into something great, you have to remember to not get stuck here. Many people start here and either get stuck or don’t take the proper steps to transition. There’s more to growth than just having an idea.


In order to be creative ,you have to think outside of the box. It’s easy to get stuck in your niche after hours of work in the same field. The best thing you can do to flow in a creative way is to challenge the way you do this in your industry. Always look for the different lanes and explore those options. Sometimes going left field with your imagination could pay off for you. Gauge to see the best ways to see which ideas shatter the proverbial ceiling.

You must have work ethic.

A lot of times people use external motivating factors and think it’s enough to sustain them in reaching their goals. The truth is that money, ideas, nor creativity will be able to help you succeed without work ethic. This may sound simple, but a lot of times this is the key factor that separates a thriving business from a halfhearted attempt. When you’re planning to hit goals just know you will run into obstacles and you have to be ready to face those challenges as they come. How far you go depends on your ability to push ahead.

Now What?

Being poised and strategic when presented with challenges can play a pivotal part in the outcome after problems present themselves. Remembering the past victories you gained can play a valuable part in what transpires. If you’re new to where you’re building, there is a ton of information available on others who were in your shoes. Use all the resources that are available to you.

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