3 Key Principles That Increase Your Value Long-term

Today everywhere you look there is a new app being created or a new exclusive product from the latest business coach. Now while it is great that people are building up there brands on different platforms, many don’t tend to be around to long. Some get in it to build up and cash-out with in 24 to 36 months and that’s ok if that was their goals, but on the other side of the coin there are those who fall from grace. While it is exciting that some are sharp and have a plan for a short term growth, the mind for strategic long-term sustainability is invaluable. I had to learn this the hard way while building my first start up.

Here are 3 Key Principles that increase your value for the long-term

  1. Think Like A Big Business- What I mean by this is take the time to build things like a company and not just a door to door sales person. If all you think about is creativity and sales you’ll eventually loose out.
  2. Listen to your Audience- A sure way to loose value is not listening to your audience or consumer base. In the time wherein people are more vocal and hands on with products and tools than ever, attiveness is key They are now emotionally connected to what they use. If you don’t adjust to makes the necessary changes needed to develop it will have an impact.
  3. Be Patient and Have Strategies- The one thing I see a lot of is people rushing to beat the next person. I do understand that you have to move accordingly in a saturated industry. At the same time what is your heart behind what you do. There are those who temporally employ patience at convince instead of building a permanent partnership with it. Adjusting for changes is a must so there in lies strategy. The reason I believe some don’t last long is because they value plans over strategy. Plans mean that you’re sure that what you have will work, but when it fails so do you. Strategies help sustain you. Countries who have gone to war with plans have had much less success than those with strategies. So is the same with business.
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