4 Basics Pillars For Business

Are you building a business but aren't seeing growth like you anticipated? Well this article is for you. Being credible in business is essential for anyone who wants to make a dream become a reality. While it is known that you need a plan and strategy to be successful in what you are trying to accomplish, I’m going to share 4 basic pillars that have helped me and that I am currently using to grow and mirror myself against as I continue to develop day by day.


This comes from you authentically being you. The genesis of everything you do stems from the presence you carry. Before you sell a product or offer any courses to teach anyone, examine yourself to see if the direction you’re going matches who you are. You don't want to be the square peg in the round hole. This is often one of the key pillars that I see newer entrepreneurs lack, especially in terms of longevity. For brick and mortar businesses that are taking steps to create a digital footprint, adjusting your weakness and modifying your strengths accordingly is fundamental. At the end of the day you are what makes everything you touch and do unique. Never release or do what you don't know; it shows.


To make anything function and develop, you need people. That being said, courtesy, honesty, and respect are things that should be valued when you have and exchange in business. You have to learn to be able to adjust to what people do and say, because at the end of the day, they are the market and what ultimately will bring you success. Studying your demographic and the patterns and emotion they operate in over some time will allow you to yield better results.


It’s important to keep in the forefront of our minds that if were going to release a product that we expect people to purchase, then we should make sure it’s of the best quality it can be. Too often I see startups release many products that are rushed and have low quality, but because they have a buzz they know people will pay for it. My rule of thumb is, if I would not be excited to purchase it, I won’t sell it to someone else. When you release product or an online course, be sure it brings value to people and that it’s from you — not a repackaged version of the last video we all just watched.


Protocol is fundamental as you make any move in business because it is a network strategy that keeps you in order. This is the glue that holds things together and helps you with the do’s and don’t’s of ways to accomplish things step by step. Keeping a level of professionalism and structure is what makes the difference as well as the layout of productivity. Protocol is linked to the profitability of your company or brand.

These are 4 Pillars that aid me through business. What are some pillars that you use?