5 Social Media Platforms to Excel Your Brand

To be successful in real estate, you must always and consistently put your clients’ best interests first. When you do, your personal needs will be realized beyond your greatest expectations.”
Anthony Hitt

When settling on commercial real estate, it is imperative to know what fits your vision. Appraisal of the desired property is paramount. This holds true for social media platforms in developing your brand and gaining an audience. I’ve had the opportunity to go through a ton of social media platforms in the last six months and the audience for each is diverse, yet seemingly similar.

These are the Top 5 Social Media Platforms that I believe will help excel your brand.

1) Facebook— Marketing and connecting with audiences with Facebook still holds success. Having a personal page aside from your business page can yield better results.

2) Twitter — Twitter makes it easy to get connected to many people with just the use of a hashtag. Tweeting on a regular bases lets others know that your business is active and it builds a healthy brand. Make sure to interact with your followers; this shows them that you are accessible. Your bio makes all the difference: place your company landing page here for consistent communication.

3) Periscope — This was introduced Q1 of 2015. It’s a live streaming App used as a new direct connection to build a customer base or build on what you already have. Once you record, the video stays up for 24 hours allowing your viewers to catch what they missed. Periscope can now be coupled with Twitter for live streaming on iOS devices.

4) Instagram— On this platform, a bio is essential to build customer connection and growth. The best way to substantiate growth is to have a story with the pictures that you take. People want to feel like they are sharing in on ideas, not being sold a product.

5) Anchor— is an app that allows you to record and share soundbites of yourself talking. These soundbites are called “waves”. You can use this app to be able to share small bits of content for your following or customers. Its also a great way to build relationships with to help monetize your business. A good way to have a real discussion with audience its worth gold, especially before a product launch.

While these platforms can all be used to execute great results and to reach new leads, it’s easy to get distracted, lose time, or alienate people if you don’t use them effectively. This is why preparing a vision and strategy is important to have healthy success. When using Social Media Platforms, consistency and content are king in helping to leverage growth. They also help in establishing and taking your brand to the next level. I encourage you to check out each of these platforms and inspect them to see which is most likely to connect with your followers, add value to you, and take your brand to the next level.

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