Impactful business leaders in Q3!

Every quarter I always find ways to expand my growth and scale my skill level. In the midst of growth and networking, I tend to come across entrepreneurs that inspire me to step up my game and also some that I find to be creative, driven, and authentic. Each quarter seems to get better and accelerates my passion to serve others and share the fruitful value that others offer. These are just a few of the entrepreneurs that have had an impact on me.

Some Great Pioneers of the 3Q of 2016 ( Pictured: Alexa Von Tobel, Africa Maranda, Billionare P.A. , Yalanda Latimore, Candice Poole, Carmella Williams, Veena V, Marissa Feinberg , Elon Musk, Mike Gibson)

Alexa Von Tobel

The author of the New York Times Bestseller, Financially Fearless and the CEO and Founder of LearnVest, Alexa Von Tobel is a powerhouse in the world of finance. It is her tenacity to uphold commitment, consistency for excellence, and fearless yet strategic moves that continue to set her apart from the run of the mill “finance guru”. One of the key things that caught my attention about Alexa was that she dropped out of business school to start her company. Her passion to provide access to quality planners and experts offers a golden opportunity for many to obtain financial freedom and growth. For those who need a pick up in the area of fiances, take time to read Financially Fearless. It is a great place to start and plant a seed for future growth.

Africa Miranda

This Boston native is one of the most diverse individuals on this list. Excelling in the areas television, fashion, public speaking, tech and many more, Africa is a refreshing wind of originality and brings energy and life wherever she goes. If her voluminous hair doesn’t catch your attention, her personality and in-depth knowledge of different subjects will. It was her keynote at Periscope’s PeriSummit last year that was so impactful and poised that it caused many to tune in and take note. There was clear evidence that though she has been succesful, this was just the begining. To keep up with Africa and the impact that she is making, check out her Website!

Billionaire P.A.

There are some experiences in life that you just have no words for, you just have to take it in, watch, learn, and get active. Just watching Billionare P.A. charges you to get active. He is a dynamic Entrepreneur, Public Speaker, and Published Author and in all these areas he shares the power and value of a Wealthy Mind. Coming from a background that would leave many shattered, he took incentive and shattered the ceiling defying the odds reaching tremendous heights. He is proof that words and action help shape your reality. To capture a portion of his impact, you can visit his website here.

Yalanda “Dryer Buzz” Latimore

A legend, award winner in blogging and pioneer in media, Yalanda “Dryer Buzz” has helped clear the path for many to break out of the box. She has interviewed just about anyone you can think about and has some of the quickest turn outs of key information I’ve seen. She is what some would call a “one-man band” and the sound is wonderful! Yalanda is also the author of the series and editor of She is one of the most influential people in her field. I believe this is just a precursor to something greater.

Marissa Feinberg

Marissa Feinberg is and has severed as a inspiration and example on how to execute what in business and life is most dear to you as it enriches others. Her track record speaks volumes. Marissa was co-founder of Green Spaces NY, which was later acquired by MissionHUB, becoming Impact Hub NYC. Today, Marissa serves as Chief Storyteller of Triple Bottom Why Consulting. She is also a SAG actor which speaks to her versatility and foundation of innovation that shows the up time and time again throughout all she does.

Veena V

An award winning Radio Presenter turned Online Entrepreneur, Veena V is an awesome Youtuber with a bubbly personality. She is the founder of Mum to Millionaire a brand that helps to encourage parents to continue to reach for success by way of the Mum to Millionaire podcast, Youtube channel & online training courses. It is Veena’s transparency and consistency to bring overwhelming value that draws so many to her. To see the inspiration and receive media development tips you can watch Veena live on Periscope everyday.

Mike Gibson

Mike Gibson’s drive and gift for creativity is only matched by the passion he has to serve his city. He is the founder and operator of Gibson Works Property Art LLC, a company that started to take flight when he returned to his hometown and began to spread his light and creative expressions. From that moment on, Mike has had the “Midas Touch” on every property he has laid his eyes on, taking Topiary design to new heights in his region. He has and will continue to connect and collaborate with different community organizations to make an impact. With over 20 years of experience throughout nearly every major city in Ohio, the surface has just began to be scratched with Mike.

Candice Neistat

The creative director of finnjewelry and Creator of Billy! Candice Neistat is full of ingenuity and ignites a spark that is needed in the creative and style arena. It was her authentic approach to create that led me to believe that I had the ability to do the same. Above all things, it was Candice’s boldness to act on her vision that awakened others to the fact that she had something fresh to bring to the table that no one else could — herself. With so many looking and sounding the same, it is Candice’s creative inspiration and tenacious will to make things happen that continues to keep her a step ahead of the rest.

Ayesha Curry

This Canadian-American has had a tremendous year in business thus far. With the way Ayesha Curry gracefully balances being a wife, mother, TV personality, business woman, and now author of the new book The Seasoned Life, it gives life to the testament that the empire we build influences the legacy we leave. The balance between class and boldness that she holds herself to is evident by the fruit of her words and action. The freedom in which she shares her faith and drive for success has helped transform the hearts and minds of many.

Elon Musk

Since the first time I saw an interview of Elon Musk in 1999 it was obvious that he would have an impact on the world. In the midst of his progression, his maturity and experience has helped him reach new levels. From the evolution of to Space X the growth we see now was imminent for him. The way that he continues to revolutionize the world with companies such as Tesla and SolarCity, it is all but obvious that he is far from finished with his inventive and lively spirit. As the brands he has carry-on in assistance and influence through the world, the question is, “What’s next?”

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