Impactful Leaders and Entrepreneurs 4th Quarter 2016

As I reflect over the final quarter of 2016 and this year, I can say that it has been one of the greatest transformative years that I’ve ever lived. In the midst of all my personal growth, I always found ways to expand my growth and scale my skill level. In the midst of growth and networking, I tend to come across entrepreneurs that inspire me to step up my game and also some that I find to be creative, driven, and authentic. Each quarter seems to get better and accelerates my passion to serve others and share the fruitful value that others offer. These are just a few of the entrepreneurs and leaders that have had a profound impact on me.

Some Great Pioneers of the 4Q of 2016 (Pictured: Lewis Howes, Arianna Huffington, Brian Fanzo, Jewell Jones, David Rock, Marcela Sapone, Mike Nelson)

Lewis Howes

Though he is a former professional football player that holds world records, Lewis Howes has made tremendous impact as a entrepreneur and author. He is a perfect example at what it looks like to carry tenacity and drive in all you do. His ability to transition through different careers and products is astounding. When he released his Podcast “School of Greatness,” it was exciting and drew plenty of people because of the unique and creative perspective it offered with dynamic self development and business advice from someone who really “got it”. By the time the book “School of Greatness” was published, the popularity of Lewis sky rocketed as many began to see the value that he held off the field. With so much success in the last few years and the long-term strategies that Lewis plans to implement, 2017 looks to be a promising year!

Brian “ifanz” Fanzo

When Brian Fanzo comes to mind, two words stick out, “Authenticity” and “Consistency. From the first time I witnessed him on Snapchat it was evident that he was unique. His willingness to share what his flaws and strengths were made him an instant favorite in the social community. Fanzo co-hosts SMACtalk Podcast & FOMOFanz Podcast. He is a dynamic storyteller with a fresh prescriptive. What makes him a long-term and sustainable asset in the business and social realm is his consistent and actionable steps to be himself while encouraging others to do the same.

David Rock (DRock)

One of the most well known and popular content creators and filmmakers on the internet, David Rock’s grind and creative style has influenced many aspiring creatives. His willingness to be the best and original shows through his work on the Daily Vee and The GaryVee Show inspire others. To work along Gary Vaynerchuk and keep up speaks volumes about him. Rock is flooding with innovation and inspiration, the fingerprint of his work, more particularity his artistic production perspective. With him in a constant state of evolving, more things are sure to be on the horizon for this innovator.

Mike Nelson

Mike Nelson is a motivator, author, and emerging leader in Philadelphia. His impact made on the youth and adults alike both locally and around the country has lasting value, causing them to take responsibility and take steps towards being successful. His Book 7 Keys to Student Success is strengthening personal growth within students as well as build repore with educators. Mike is overflowing with the will to overcome and it shows as most who see him live remember The three “G’s” — Get Up, Get To, and Grind.

Marcela Sapone

Marcela Sapone seems to always be thinking steps ahead when it comes to coupling tech and daily life functions. She is a former McKinsey consultant which speaks to her focus and ability to deliver quality. Marcela is the CEO and Co-Founder of Hello Alfred, a tech-savvy butler service priced for everyday people. For $32 a week, Hello Alfred offers a chance to organize and manage on-demand services like Handy and Instacart to keep the kitchen sparkling, laundry hamper empty and refrigerator stocked. Marcela’s well thought strategies have set her apart from others and 2017 looks to be promising.

Jewell Jones

With being the youngest State Representative in the history of Michigan, Jewell Jones is handling a position that would buckle many with grace. The drive and strategy that it takes to make an impact coupled with a genuine love for healthy community growth shows that Jones is set to make a positive and lasting change. As a member of the National Guard, he is a great role model for youth, teaching the results of what it looks like to remain disciplined. The path that Jones has blazed thus far has made room for other pioneers to come after him. It is clear that things are just beginning to warm up for Jones and the future is exciting!

Arianna Huffington

When you look up Arianna Huffington’s resume you’ll see the impact and influence she has. She is the founder of The Huffington Post, the founder and CEO of Thrive Global, and the author of 15 books. But, it was her latest book “The Sleep Revolution” that has stirred a cultural change. She has been able to break a cultural stereotype that has been pushed about lack of sleep to execute meaning progress. Being made aware of this, it has made many of us take into more serious consideration the balance of success and execution.

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