Take The Meat, Leave The Bones

How many time do you spend a week going over how some situation left you in a bad way and could have been handle differently?

We are presented issues on a daily basis whether it our jobs, children, changes in deadlines, or scaling a business. The impact we make during dealing with things makes all the difference. The impact of the results are what can either make some people accelerate and others get weighted down. This begins in the mindset, and once you understand the art to of it you may be better off. It’s a simple to talk about the changes you want to make, but how do you deal with your failures when they hit hard.

The importance of failure is to teach you, not to defeat you. Our failure can offer us valuable lessons that when coupled with success leads to. What i encourage myself and others to do is to take the meat and leave the bones.This simply means whatever you're dealing with, take the things you learned and have them help drive you to the next place you desire. We as people have the ability to absorb a lot, its how we adapt. So when were faced with challenges it should be know difference. Taking on the positive out of each situation and leaving the negative is key. Yes we are affected by draw backs that choosing to yield to wisdom.

One of the greatest things is that this concepts spreads to almost every area of life. For instance say that you’re reading your one of your favorite entrepreneur’s book but it all doesn’t resonate with you. What will you do? Chances are you’ll use what what stuck out to you to apply for results. As you have been engaged i encourage you to share what you read here and help them get to the next level of thinking.

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