The Fruit From My Failure !

About 9 years ago I had a great idea to create 2 start ups with a group of friends. We all believed in the vision and we all had our roles that we played. I was the face of the companies and in charge of marketing and content development, I didn’t have a lot of experience at this time. I figured after taking courses, reading books, and observing some business owners on a day to day basis I would be able to be take on this task easily. We were off to a decent start even connecting with a financial planner and accountant. As we continued it was obvious we needed to get senior staff, which we were able to do. The future looked promising and things were level, until i noticed something interesting. As we were attending meetings going over things, people got a little possessive of their ideas.

Now at first it was fine i could handle it, but it eventually got worst. I realized that many people wanted to be in control and it began to effect the work as well as the environment. As you know a negative environment leads to low moral and lower quality results. I did what i could to try to inspire and encourage but I wasn’t understanding what the issue was. Then I realized if i’m not as concerned with the minds and hearts of the people as I am with the numbers then I as a leader am failing. Though I was young, driven, and passionate, we started to grow as a company we would eventually fail and end. I realized that the culture of the company has a lot to do with the success of it and from that experience I learned a harsh lesson about myself and people. The value of relationship is not to be neglected in any vision you have.

Later I began to work with small businesses to help them research, adjust, create or replace the pillars and culture of there companies. I do this till this day and I help them i enjoy getting there messages across to their audience and ultimately the world.

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