A True Voice of Originality

A award winning Radio Presenter turned Online Entrepreneur, Veena V is a YouTuber and Media trainer with a bubbly personality. She is the founder of Mum to Millionaire, a brand that helps to encourage parents to continue to reach for success by way of the Mum to Millionaire podcast, YouTube channel & online training courses. It is Veena’s transparency and consistency to bring overwhelming value that draws so many to her. Her most recent endeavors have expanded to make an impact in Mauritius, a beautiful island off the coast of South Africa. Follow the link to learn more check out Real Mauritius a YouTube Channel highlighting the beauty and growth in business and Mauritius.

Listen to the full interview here: http://apple.co/2AmIRun
“I always want to concentrate on being happy and helping people. For me to get to a million subscribers, I want to make sure I’m happy on the way there and when I get there and that I’ve helped people along the way.”

I recently had the privilege of having Veena as a guest on my Podcast: Conquering Your Limits; and it was a blast. Her lively energy is contagious and that is matched by her drive to succeed and her genuine compassion to get the best out of others to help them to succeed. Some of the key things that she touched on was the value of consistency in releasing content from your brand, a call to the importance to quality of work we do while appreciating the process, and most importantly, all that you do stems from who you authentically are.

One of the refreshing things about Veena is she doesn't only just understand and study trends but she sets them in her own unique way. Veena has had quite a journey, from becoming a young mum at the rise of her radio career to working in radio for free, to being able to reach the heights she has as an entrepreneur today with no signs of stopping. She will not only inspire to take action but she gives simple steps on how to sustain your digital audience properly!

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