What’s the State of Your Union?

For many years we have become accustomed to seeing one president after another present a detailed analysis of the condition of our country as well as their legislative agenda. I’ve always imagined what it would look like if we were in the hot seat giving a detailed analysis of our own lives, cities, or regions. What are some problem areas? How do we implement change? What measures would we take? What would that look like?

Inside Out

I believe the first thing we must do is call to attention our thoughts and actions. There are plenty of times we see others do something and say we would do it differently or better. However the beginning of change comes when we stop comparing the end goal of success in our minds with someones outward actions. The impact for change begins in our minds by removing barriers and fear in order to accomplish goals that lead to producing more fruitful actions.

Value of Relationship

No matter where we are in the world or what we’re going through, nothing yields deeper roots than love. When I hear the phrase “human condition”, it connotes a state of something that is ever changing, but what helps heal and grow that change is genuine love and the currency of relationship. What does your neighborhood or region look like and how are you influencing change for the better? One of the most important ways to affect change is to build relationships with those around you and afar. Getting a fresh perspective is invaluable; it helps you and others gain pieces to the puzzle to grasp for the bigger picture. We have to understand we’re not the only ones who see what we see and there are others just as eager to connect and make a difference. The currency of relationship is greater than the value of money. Nations have risen and fallen, the systems of capital are ever changing, but the state and weight of relationships hold much more value.

Activate Solutions

Hold up 10 million dollars to a crowd and ask, “Who wants it?” Just about everyone would raise their hands and shout. Then ask the same crowd, “Who wants to use the money only to help their city?” Chances are many hands would go down and the cheers would fade. This is an issue that is common when we see our problems as the only issues, but in order to make a consistent change we have to communicate with each other. From this point we can highlight solutions and then create active results.

I challenge you to connect in your region and get an understanding on how you can help transform it with others. Hold yourself accountable for the solutions you want to see come to fruition.

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