A Community for Dialog

Today Farhan Thawar, David Pardy and our team launched Dialog. It’s an experiment, and here is why…

Dialog is a community dedicated to live, spoken conversation online.

Social media has become toxic. Trolls, bots, and harsh comments polarize and destroy our ability to listen to and learn from each other.

We started Dialog as a passion project to create a space for intelligent, empathetic conversation. We know we can’t fix everything toxic on the internet. But we can create some different.

  • Dialog is about your actual, spoken voice – not typing.
  • Dialog is about live, interactive conversation – not rants.
  • Dialog gives control and safety to positive contributors – not abusive trolls.


Our spoken voices convey nuance and emotion. So, talking, not typing, is a better way to connect as humans.

On Dialog, your voice will be heard. You’ll get great sound quality with no special audio equipment or apps, for free. All you need is a browser and the mic on your phone or laptop.


Dialog is not a podcasting tool. It’s not for one-way broadcast, editing a show, or yelling into the void.

Dialog is designed for live conversation. To do this, anyone can find, listen to, and request to join any live Dialog. It’s easy for community members to join you in discussion.


Conversations are best when they are inclusive, and when abusive voices can’t dominate or pollute.

In our community, you choose who you’d like to have a live discussion with. You have the power to instantly remove people who violate norms of civil conversation.

Dialog conversations are ephemeral. You keep a recording only if you choose to.

Dialog is also free from bots. Bots can’t talk. No bots, no internet sewage!


Today, our amazing community talks about whatever is on their minds: travel, love, public policy, content, trending events, sports, parenting, BDSM, business, and more.

Dialog is a person by person movement – people who enjoy talking and learning.

This is just the start. Try a Dialog now.