Three years ago Farhan, David and I started Helpful to build the next generation of enterprise mobile products using AI. We focused on hard problems in fast growing companies for which there was a big market and no existing solution. Our small and awesome team built and launched three amazing products:

  • AI-Powered Employee Directory: A beautiful, mobile employee directory and org chart that helped you find not only people, but also an answer to any question.
  • Asynchronous Video Messages at Work: a communication tool for distributed teams that uses short, emotion-packed videos and images in addition to text.
  • Live Interactive Audio: Dialog is a live interactive audio experience. Just last month Ben Stiller, Jake Tapper and Golden Globe winner Patricia Arquette used Dialog to reach their audiences. …


daniel debow

Dad of 4, CEO of, ex-Salesforce SVP, founding team at Rypple & Workbrain, angel investor, bass player, adjunct prof @UofTLaw and curious person.

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