I’m an imposter…but I’m not very good, sorry!
Nida Sajid

Thanks for sharing. Here in Naples, Italy, coding like a boy is for me (or “was”, because i’m now unemployed since 4 years) more frustrating that coding like a girl, because girls (now “veteran” mothers) I’ve encountered in my more-than-25 years analyst/programmer career was miles and miles more protected than me. Entering in companies as graduated in computer science with UNIX and 6502 machine language knowledge and realizing, for example, that your team leader (an ULTRA RESPECTED girl with only a high school accounting diploma) did not have any other computer knowledge than few COBOL instructions and 2+2=4, is a very suicide inducting experience. And this was only the beginning…. that’s a long story I think it need a book to tell it, ended with a huge 125-people firing event, due to company partial shutdown. In these 25 years I’ve continously hidden my real skills when my boss asking my if “are you a java developer?” because every “yes” could means accepting a long-term nightly and weekend time working shocking experience where eventually you had only “fixed the issue” without any other gratitude, or at least a wage growth, while other your colleague (50% women) sitting down in their “tranquility HQ base” where they had also the permission to go shopping during worktime….. Merely at last I hope next last 10 years before i go retired (if Italian government will give me that right) would be made of any other thing than coding, without every gender distinction. I wish you good luck doubling the dosage because you are a very strong girl. Ah…. I forgot…. I Apologize if my english is a crap but that is……. Kisses and hugs Danilo from Pizza and ‘O sole mio homeland

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