Yesterday was the grand opening of the William N. Pennington Student Achievement Center.

While someone gave a speech to about 100 people in nice suits, backpack toters shuffled around awkwardly, unsure if they were supposed to be there at all.

“What’s going on?” was the most frequently asked question next to “can we use the stairs?”

An employee at the Center’s Deli NV was likewise flustered by the seemingly impromptu event. “At first I thought they were going to have us close and now I think we’re doing the catering.”

The Pennington is undeniably sleek. “It feels like a school building in a movie that’s supposed to be based in the future,” one student commented. “It has a fresh, tech-y vibe that’s really cool.”

The Pennington has united the Writing, Math, and Tutoring Centers, Career Services, Advising Center, Student Veterans Affairs, Disabilities Resources, Counseling Services, Trio & McNair Scholars, Student Faith Based Groups as well as student collaboration rooms.

Judging by the impressive camera equipment present, students may yet be able to experience the grand opening.