40 Digital Signage Statistics That Prove It Works

Digital Signage has Reach and Saturation

  1. 70% of Americans say they’ve have seen a digital display in the past month
  2. 52% say they’ve seen a digital sign in the past week
  3. 47% remember seeing a specific ad or message
  4. Recall jumps to 55% when talking about outdoor digital billboards
  5. 80% of shoppers say they have entered a store because a digital sign caught their interest

Digital Signage is Visual and So Are We

Digital Signage is Persuasive

Digital Signage is Becoming Ubiquitous

Digital Signage Increases Sales

Digital Signage Fosters Engagement

Digital Signage Helps with Employee Recognition

Digital Signage Can Create an Open Dialogue

Digital Signage Works

13 Real-World Stats for Digital Signage video



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Visix Digital Signage


Visix, Inc. designs, develops, and supports a suite of browser-based digital signage products. Based in Atlanta, GA.