To Millions of Muslims That Took The Streets of Jakarta

I am ashamed of your definition of accomplishment.

I was born a Muslim, raised by a Muslim community, fed with Muslim values, and interact with Muslims everyday in my entire life. Yet I couldn’t figured out for the life of me how could you justify your actions.

Indonesian Muslims are known for the animal warmth of families and relatives, for our ability to keep in touch week after week, and for the festivities that came to us in spite what the hell is going on with the world.

But one major flaws lurks within every single one of us: we are a big pile of arrogance compressed into a silent creature.

We acquired a knack of thinking that the world revolves around us. That our faith is the rightest, and that we portray others who challenge us as mindless beings that our God sent to the world to test our resillience.

We were told about the inspiring stories of our Prophets. But inspirational stories are not to be taken literally. We strive in our democratic society, with people with different background and faith. We do not live in Middle Eastern society in the year 500 when the only thing you can cling onto is a book.

Millions of white-dressed Muslims filled the capital city streets for a cause that I do not have the emotional ability to foretold. You filled our streets because:

  1. You demise our governor because he offended the verse of the Quran–Which, let me remind you, has been ruled out as being edited by some crackhead who craved for attention, and he publicly apologized for the words he obviously didn’t say.
  2. You just do not want to have a running governor who is both a non-muslim and doesn’t share the same ethnicity with native Jakartans. I mean what the actual fuck, guys. There is no welfare reasons underlying this decision, this is just downright racism conducted by the majority.

I do not have the ability to understand the fact that we are afraid of the outcome Trump has to the USA, thousands of miles across the ocean while we are doing exactly the same thing to our nation.

You have millions of army of Muslims capable of virtually gridlocking the city and robbing businesses out of their customer for a whole day, and of all the reasons you can fight for, that’s your pick.

You could all strike to eradicate corruption, to fight for human rights, for minimum wages, for preservation of our culture as a nation, and for fucking whole lot of communal reasons.

What an efficient and effective use of our democracy. The democracy that we fought for in 1998 over deaths of your own children. Now I see how much your religious and humanitarian views are mutually exclusive.

But you are all just extremely selfish to only fight for the cause that is about you. Did you ever think for a fucking second, what the non-muslims have to say about this? Or any of the sociological and anthropological effects this may cause?

Nah. Because that is not as important as defending your one-sided view on life after death. Whatever happens to the life you have now?

And now, you dare hold your chin up in saying that you succeeded, that filling the street with your selfish cause could justify holding an entire city hostage for your own agenda. Because after those strikes involving majorities, your head gets bigger and you’ll find yourself drowning in arrogance, while the minority group remain silent for the rest of their lives, knowing they are robbed of their will to speak.

Keep your faith (ego) to yourself.

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