Ready . Set . Go

“It’s all right, you can do this. Go on, type the words which come to your mind. How hard can it be, to pour your heart out about the things you love? The things you crave, the dreams you dare to make come true, the travels you took and the ones you dream of taking. About Food. About You.” — Me to myself for the Nth time.

These thoughts twisted, turned and tossed aside have stayed in my mind for the longest time I know. They seldom came out in conversations with strangers who turned friends. With a hope that someday I get to write about them . Speak about them to the world that I know of. From the time I remember, I have wanted to write. Write about whatever drives me, whatever motivates me, or whatever captures my attention.

So here it goes, my first plunge into the world of blogging. I wish to embrace it in its entirety, pour out my thoughts with the sole intention of sharing. Driven by nothing but the desire to share, learn and evolve.

So if you enjoy a simple, not so fancy, heartfelt read about random relatable musings about love for hard bound books (in an era of kindle), like to breathe music(each to his own), have friends who you call family, feel — both happiness and its not so friendly companion : sadness , love your food and whiskey alike, think cooking equals meditation, and above all have dreams that make you want to dream even more, Be my guest.