Being 57 I am a woman of a certain era. I grew up reading Chatelaine magazine (because I am Canadian) and Cosmo.

We could be anything. We could run the world. We could have a family and successful relationship. We could earn as much as any man. ..equal pay for work of equal value.

And so

At 21 I hit the world running. I had a college degree and a full time job. I moved to another province away from a man who would become my husband. I pursued my career and I loved my little apartment and my freedom. I subscribed to a feminist magazine called Herstory. I was independent.


I had to be careful when walking across a park after my shift ended. I had to avoid eye contact with men. I had to laugh off rude comments from male co-workers. I had to keep my opinions to myself. I had to think about the length of my skirt.

Some things never change.

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