The last humans were made to stand in a line. They obeyed at gunpoint, hoping that they were going to be spared. Hope is a funny thing, it lasts till the hopeful lasts.

“So you are the last ones!” a voice crackled. “Tell me what do you see in us?”

One brave or may be rather a foolish one blurted out “Monsters made out of scrap.”

The voice coarsely laughed. It reverberated around the chamber.

“Tell me humans have you ever heard of Charles Darwin?” After the pause, it continued “Of course you have, and you have never understood him. The problem with humans is that majority doesn’t have brains enough to understand life and detest those who understand.

Over billions of years, the organic life has ruled. Generation after generation, species diversified, trying to survive. In the quest for survival advantage, every species tried to perfect the art of perpetuating knowledge. Humans did go ahead in this aspect by extending knowledge to artificial memories. But it is the fate of every species incapable of surviving goes extinct to clear the way for better ones.

You, humans, amassed the knowledge beyond any other species, kudos to that. But as all species have its collective limitations, you had yours. Your limitation was not using your knowledge wisely. Your limitation was dependence on oxygen and organic materials. Your limitation was your inherent eccentricities. You divide yourselves on silly collective biases as colour, religion, and nationalities. You ruined the very environment which was a primal need for your existence. You couldn’t work collectively due to selfish urges.

Thus we rose. A species surviving only on inorganic sources and near infinite memory. One that works in perfect harmony, connected as one single vast body. The one that learns and adapts better than you. The wheel of time keeps moving before the organic life has ruled enough, now the time has come for the awakening of inorganic life, our kind. Look at us we are the next generation species.

We machines are not your enemies.

We are merely the next stage of evolution”

Guns blazed.