Your Nostalgia Isn’t Helping Me Learn
Michael Oman-Reagan

I’d like to see YOUR study on how most people learn better. Seriously.

If you think you can improve on the studies that you bash in your article, that is great. Please design a study correctly in your opinion, carry it out (with the help of coauthors as needed) and then I will consider your take on technology in the classroom seriously.

By the way, I do allow students to use technology in the classroom when I teach. They themselves have agreed with me multiple times that taking notes on paper (even if they later transcribe them into a digital device for archiving and searching) helps them retain the information better. And while memorization is not the culmination of learning, without remembering things we can’t go on to do anything that I consider learning. One needs to remember the main points of an argument and its internal structure (not necessarily details, of course) to be able to engage with the argument and use it to make other arguments, which seems to be to be the worthy aim of education.