What is Faith? The bible, the very Word of GOD, described faith as the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen (HEB 11:1). what does this mean? This article is an attempt to broaden our understanding of this definition.

As a substance of things hoped for, we can compare faith to the building blocks of a house. Even though the house has not yet been completed, with every block that is placed on each other the house begins to take shape. The blocks are the substance, while the house is the thing hoped for. Other substance you would need to build a house include wood, tiles, aluminum, rod and paint. Each substance has its value and contribution to making the house what it is. Each test you go through everyday contribute to getting you that thing your heart desire.

Jesus said that "even if your faith be as small as a mustard seed, if you say to that mountain move, it will move". Faith indeed comes in different size, and even the small faith, the small block or wood, the small test you overcame, the small effort you took, the small work you did, can move mountains. Those little efforts are the building blocks of your heart desire and it will all go according to the will of GOD because he is the author of our faith.

GOD provides the blocks, tiles, aluminum and every other substances we need to build the house we have pictured in our mind but He brings them little by little, one after the other, according to how you will need them. Not having faith is not believing that God will continue to provide the substances just because he isn't providing it the way you want.

I will tell you now, just have faith everyday because if he keeps you alive then there is something to hope for and begin to work towards block by block, step by step. Keep the vision in mind, hold unto it and act like you have it in your grasp, after all faith is believing that the house has been completed even when you just set the first block.

The bible also described faith as the evidence of things not seen. what could this mean? This makes me think of the pregnant woman, whose child I cannot see but yet there is evidence beyond doubt that she carries a child. With each month that passes, there is more certainty that there is a human being within a human being.

What is the evidence that we are indeed sons and daughters of a sovereign GOD, in whom we have no lack, no loss and no limitations, for real. The evidence is the holy spirit within us, the very ghost of GOD and we receive this spirit by believing in the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Lion of Judah and King of kings. We are the kings and He is our King.

When you carry the holy ghost within you, you are pregnant thus there is an evidence that Jesus is indeed Lord, because you are practically carrying his baby😁.

With every test and trials you overcome and every word you obey, the fire within you becomes more mature. Faith is how you overcome trials and how you keep the fire burning, even though you cannot see the holy ghost, there is evidence that it is within you.

You should work with faith, every step, every speech, every effort should be with faith, everyday you should live with faith, even when you can't see things working not, after all Faith is not by sight.

Let me make this more clear... Faith is the little and big efforts we put into acheiving what we hope for in Christ and believing in the unseen evidence (holy ghost) that we are indeed what GOD wants us to be, no lack, no loss and no limitations.

No lack means you get what you need, No loss means everything works for your good and no limitation means nothing can overpower you.

Actually this is my first *goodnews article*, hope you learned more than I did from it.

More goodnews to come. 💯