The average American professional works 72 hours per week — source.

How I got over myself and into Yoga

And the official launch of Cabra Yoga

“I can’t move.”

I’m 24 years old and my back has just spasmed in blinding pain for what feels like an eternity. I sit frozen at my desk, trying to remember the last time I exercised as a way to distract from the throbbing.

I think I went for a run a few weeks ago. Or maybe it was a few months. Christ, I’ve been working 80–100 hours a week for nearly two years straight! Four commuter flights each week, rental cars, cramped desks, Vitamin-D supplements. It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

That was me. That was the moment I decided to give yoga a shot. Why yoga?

It had started a few months before. I’d heard a friend talk about how flexible and young yoga made her feel. I immediately wrote it off as new age bullsh*t. I run. I travel. I took martial arts. I don’t have time for this hippie nonsense.

Fast forward and I was in the same boat as everyone else. Over worked. Under paid. No time to consider going to the gym. All the while watching that college body I’d worked for disappear and never doing anything about it. I’d even catch myself several times a week thinking,

I really need to be more flexible. Maybe I’ll stretch tonight before bed.

Which, of course, would never happen. It’s funny the lies we tell ourselves so we can avoid change.

But with a back spasm I finally caved. I figured yoga would be more intellectually stimulating than just “stretching more” so it might actually become a habit. So I started like anyone starts anything. Poorly. Awkwardly. More Twister than yoga. But I started. Just a few Vinyasa flows (the yoga equivalent of interval training) each morning and night. Since then it’s been an unrelenting journey making up for lost time. After a few flows I’m usually down for some pushups, burpies, plank holds, and then a shower. It takes about 20–25 minutes.

It’s remarkable how well adapted yoga is to our modern lives.

Whether I was stuck at the office until midnight, coming back to my hotel and its sad excuse for a gym, in my cramped New York apartment, or in the airport waiting for them to reschedule my flight I could always find 10 minutes and enough space to get in a few Vinyasas.

No gear. No gym. No membership required. Just a mat in my hotel room.

And it was shocking how full of a workout yoga provided. Seriously! Have you tried this thing?

I’ve made it to the 1,000 pound club, run a marathon because I felt like it, and taken some pretty strenuous adventures around the globe. Yoga was, and still is, one of the most remarkably consistent workouts I’ve found.

Have you ever woken up the day after a workout sore but with more range of motion? It’s a wild experience.

Then there was the benefit I expected to find. More energy throughout the day, increased focus and productivity,. I could quickly focus on my breathe (like a fighter at speed bag) and find a place of calm even when getting chewed out by my boss at 2 AM.

There was one surprise I didn’t quite expect. Everywhere I looked, yoga was being talked about like it was a girl’s workout. Yoga pants, pastels, blogs endlessly talking about Mala beads like they’re a Rosary or “8 Ways To Keep Your Butt With Bikram”. And the clothes. Were all guys yoga clothes designed by a female focus group?

So I, along with the help of a small team, set out to change that. To bring the world a yoga company that was about the sweat and hustle not “inner oneness” or shots of wheatgrass. A yoga company for the blue collar guy, the office grunt, the traveling consultant. Gear we’d wear on base, in Sky Priority, in the truck, in the hotel, or at the gym because you can probably do yoga in any of those places and get a good sweat. Just like goats can climb anywhere.

In short, we’re trying to build the clothing company we wish we’d found. We call it Cabra Yoga (that’s Spanish for “goat”).

Really? Goats?

Yup! Goats.

We’ve got a lot of exciting things planned for the future — you can check out some of it already on our site. For now, we’re happy to have you in the herd.

And we try not to take ourselves too seriously. #goatlife

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PS~If you’re interested, I’ll be posting an in-depth look at how I built Cabra Yoga in the next issue of Greater Than One, here.

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